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Viking Ice Maker Repair

At Los Angeles Viking Repair, we’ve worked on every make and model of Viking ice maker on the market. That’s why our customers know they can turn to us when they have problems with their high-end Viking ice makers. Viking builds their appliances to last, and we don’t see problems in Viking ice makers too often. When we do, though, we know that our customers expect a high level of quality in the service and repair we provide. At Los Angeles Viking Repair, we are proud to offer that quality level of service to each and every one of our customers. So if you have a problem with your Viking brand ice maker, contact us today.

Viking Ice Maker Repair

Common Issues Experienced With Viking Ice Makers

If your Viking ice maker is giving you any trouble, you might not even know what the root of the problem is. Ice makers are hard to diagnose when they break down, but the professionals at Los Angeles Viking Repair are here to help. They’ve worked with every ice maker problem under the sun, including:

  • Ice maker won’t power up
  • Ice maker not producing ice
  • Ice comes out in funny shapes
  • Cloudy or bubbly ice
  • Strange smells or odors in unit
  • Ice tastes funny when produced by ice maker
  • Noises or grinding sounds coming from unit
  • Takes too long to make ice
  • Leaks in and around ice maker appliance

We’re With You The Entire Way

Working with Los Angeles Viking Repair means you’ll have someone at your side through the entire repair process. When you pick up the phone and call, you’ll talk in person with a customer service representative who is standing by to help you decide on your next service steps. They’ll help schedule a service appointment, if necessary, and pair you up with an expert team of service professionals. And remember: at Los Angeles Viking Repair, we offer service visits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—even on holidays.

Our completely licensed and insured teams travel in fully-loaded trucks that are stocked with all the parts and tools necessary to get the job done the first time, with no need for repeat visits. They’ll come to your location on time and immediately work to diagnose any problem with your Viking ice maker. Once they know what’s wrong, you’ll get a free written estimate of any work to be completed. With that in hand, you can proceed confidently, knowing that your appliance is getting the quality service it deserves. We want your entire process to be friendly and convenient, and we’ll do our best to make it that way every time.

Viking Ice Maker Maintenance and Repair

At Los Angeles Viking Repair, we’re here to support you with both maintenance and repair options. We are here for you to complete any Viking brand appliance repair or service need that you have. Our professional teams of servicers are standing by for you, and they can handle any sort of problem you throw at them.

We also offer great maintenance and preventative diagnostic plans, which let you ease the worries of owning appliances for good. Don’t spend one more night concerned over which appliance in your home is going to break down next. Let us keep watch over all of your Viking brand appliances, and we’ll be able to assure you that there won’t be any unwanted surprises along the way. Our maintenance programs will keep your Viking appliances running great, and save you money in the long run. We guarantee it.

Local Service for All Your Appliance Needs

You’re a discerning customer who has chosen to put a quality Viking appliance in your house. You don’t want just any sort of service when it comes to repair and maintenance. You want quality service to match your quality appliance. When you work with Los Angeles Viking Repair, you’ll be working with a local company that can provide all of the quality services you could ever need. We have the years of experience necessary to diagnose and work on any Viking brand appliance you’ve got. And when you work with us, you’ll be getting the personal touch that you can only get from a local Viking repair technician. Don’t make the mistake of calling up another big-box franchise that’s going to treat you like just another number in their computer system. Go local with Los Angeles Viking Repair, and get an affordable deal that keeps your hard-earned money in the community.

Commercial and Residential Service

At Los Angeles Viking Repair, we are proud to offer both commercial and residential services to all sizes of home and businesses. Maybe you’re a homeowner with just a single Viking brand ice maker in your house. You know that if you are having problems with your ice maker, you can call us. There’s no residential job too small, too large, or too complex for us to diagnose and fix the first time. We guarantee it.

But what about larger concerns? Maybe you are a business owner who depends on appliances to keep your operations running smoothly. Maybe you run a business that relies on many Viking brand appliances for continued service. What do you do when your appliances wear out or stop working? Call Los Angeles Viking Repair. We have the years of experience, know-how, tools, and equipment to get the job done right the first time. There’s no appliance job we can’t handle.

Contact Los Angeles Viking Repair Today

If you’re having problems with your Viking brand ice maker, contact Los Angeles Viking Repair right away. You can click this link to get in touch with us online, or you can pick up the phone and give us a call. You’ll always talk to a live representative over the phone when you call us, not an automated answering service.

We’ve got the years of experience and local touch you’re looking for. Trust us with your problems, and contact Los Angeles Viking Repair right away.